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you really should keep talking, scumbag.

"Mikoto-san, Totsuka-san, and even Kusanagi-san isn’t here anymore. You’re the only one who I can rely on. " - Yata Misaki  x

“My Shiro is a good Shiro!”

 & ✧sailor despair✧ by トラ

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Have I finally figured out how to make gifs for tumblr?

So here’s Monokuma, Sakura, and Asahina in WWE 2K14. Video here.

Almost time write a darn story for this silliness!


DOB left us with a lot of unanswered questions, but i personally find the most pressing ones to be 1. why did fuse call seri “seri-chan” in DOB08 and 2. has he ever actually used it in front of her by accident